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The amazing world of shelter dogs

Useful information for anyone who is about to or have adopted a shelter dog.


Adopt A Shelter Dog

All dogs deserve a second chance at life. It’s heart braking that so many dogs around the world are homeless. Just in Australia, there’s around 80,000 dogs that is without a home. A huge amount of these dogs might never find a loving home.

Rescue Dogs

From shelter to a new home

Adopting and bringing home a shelter dog is very different to bringing home an 8- or 12- week old puppy from a breeder. There might be some similarities, however 99% of the time, adopting a dog from a shelter is a different story.

Shelter Dogs

Bond With Your Rescue Dog

When you commit to adopt a rescue dog, the chance of adopting a dog who’s had a challenging past and carry some trauma in their baggage are quite high. For this reason, the bond with your rescue dog can take longer to form.

The purpose behind second chance pups

It was my own experience with rescue dogs and dogs in general (specifically my experience with Lexi) that gave me the idea to create this site, with the hopes that it can shine some light for anyone who considers, decides to adopt or already have adopted a rescue dog.


Adopting a rescue dog is not the same as getting an 8- or 12-week-old puppy from a breeder – it’s quite often a very different story, and at the start, it can be a very hard story..


My hopes with Second Chance Pups is that by sharing my own experience and the things that I’ve learned (and still am learning) along the way, can help anyone who decides to adopt a shelter dog to get started on the right foot, which can help setting themselves and their dog up for a successful life together.

Rescue dog

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